About LiteFighter

LiteFighter Systems, LLC is a Family Owned, VA Certified, Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business (SDVOSB) that provides rugged, lightweight, versatile and highly mobile individual shelter systems and tactical gear for the US Military and the outdoor camping community. We strive to develop innovatively simple, yet durable equipment that won’t break your back or your piggy bank and are targeted towards solving specific needs or problems that one may encounter whether in combat or on a camping trip. We build all of our products to the following 5 tenets:

  • Protection
  • Comfort
  • Durability
  • Speed and Simplicity
  • Flexibility

LiteFighter is owned and managed by Rich Coachys (36 years in the US Army Infantry and Vietnam War Veteran), Mike Coachys (20 years in US Army Aviation and Iraq War Veteran), and Bill Coachys (10 years in the US Army Infantry and Iraq War Veteran). Prior to starting LiteFighter, we spent many years as sales consultants for several companies who market commercial products to the military. These experiences, coupled with personal military experience and extensive customer feedback, allowed us to launch LiteFighter in 2010. Since then, our two flagship products, the LiteFighter 1 Shelter System and Olympus Load-Out Bag, have quickly become top selling products to the US Military. With a passion for providing our service members the best equipment at a fair price, LiteFighter has become a premier tactical gear manufacturer for the US Military.

LiteFighter started because we saw a need in the US Military for a quality lightweight shelter system for Soldier protection. As combat veterans with over 65 years of military service, we understand what it feels like to sleep on the wet ground, in the cold rain, and get eaten alive by insects. We also have spent many nights under larger tents, on cots, in grouped living conditions where privacy and exposure to sickness can be a stressor to Soldiers. Therefore, we are especially passionate about protecting our troops from bad weather, insects, and sickness. We knew that our military didn’t have a high quality individual shelter system that was versatile enough to support the full spectrum of military operations. Therefore we designed a system (the “LiteFighter 1”) that could be used both on a military cot as mosquito-proof bednet and on the ground as multi-season waterproof tent. So whether you’re sleeping on a cot in a large tent with your fellow soldiers or out on the ground in inclement weather, the LiteFighter 1 Shelter System gives Soldiers the Protection, Comfort, Mobility, and Privacy they need to focus on their mission.

Although we got our start in the Military market, it was a natural progression to expand our product lines to meet the needs of Boy/Girl Scout Leaders, Bikers, and Avid Outdoorsmen/women. There is a natural bond between these groups and members of the military community. We are committed to bringing the same passion to them that we have to our military brethren!