Best Places To Go Deer Hunting In America

Best Places To Go Deer Hunting In America

Best Places To Go Deer Hunting In America 150 150 Mike Coachys

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Many states have a population of deer, so there’s no need to travel for the simple purpose of hunting them. Instead, the point of traveling is to get a chance to get a buck that is superior to the rest. Even though most hunters say they target deer for their meat, they also want a chance to get a trophy buck at least once.

Here are some of the top locations to visit to increase the chances of scoring one:

  1. Wisconsin – This state has produced over 700 trophies over the last 10 years, according to Boone & Crockett. That’s about 130 more than Illinois, which has the next-best record. Wisconsin also has plenty of state land, which makes it easy to find some hunting grounds.
  2. Illinois – As mentioned, this is the #2-ranked state for trophy bucks. Unlike Wisconsin, however, it doesn’t have many state-owned areas where hunting is allowed. Instead, hunters in Illinois usually have to deal with expensive private outfitters. Even so, the chance of scoring a once-in-a-lifetime buck is very good.
  3. Texas – The state known for its giant versions of everything doesn’t disappoint when it comes to deer. It has both big bucks and a huge number of bucks. Its number of hunters is also high, but thanks to the size of the state, that isn’t a problem. Over a million licenses are sold each year, and a season will usually result in about 600,000 kills.

Some hunters have different criteria for what makes a place a good location for hunting. Things like the number of other hunters present, the total deer population, and the requirements for getting to that population all factor in. Therefore, many people may be more satisfied with the “next best” places for deer hunting.

One such place is the suburban areas of Connecticut, where residents are often quite happy to have people lower the numbers of encroaching deer. There, gaining access to private lands will take some doorbell-ringing, but most land owners won’t charge high costs for access. Another good location is Lenape Farms in New Jersey. It used to be a hunting club, but the club has ceased to exist. The deer, however, are still there.

With these ideas, it should be easier to find a destination for a deer hunting trip. Even better, hunters will have a higher chance of scoring a record buck with a visit to one of the top three!

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