Five Useful Camouflage Tips For Hunting

Five Useful Camouflage Tips For Hunting

Five Useful Camouflage Tips For Hunting 150 150 Mike Coachys

useful camouflage tips for hunting Avid and most casual hunters look forward to hunting season. It’s a time to be away from the noise and bustle of regular life, and to spend some reflective time alone or with a few trusted buddies. You probably get your gear ready weeks or months in advance, and you practice your survival and shooting skills when you can. But if your camo isn’t up to par, you’re not likely to catch much.  These five useful camouflage tips for hunting should help you  outsmart your prey.

1. Match the necessary color schemes

Before you go for the hunt, venture to your intended site to see the colors that are dominant. Check the shades of green, how much green there is compared to other colors, and what the other dominant colors are. Make sure you check out the site at the time of day that you’ll be hunting, since colors can appear different in different lighting. Buy camo clothes that match the landscape.

2. Prepare for temperature changes

You not only should layer your clothes so that you can take some off or add new layers when the weather changes, but also consider camouflage in each layer. A layer that starts out below the surface may become visible as the sun rises and you heat up and remove your top layer. Make sure that each layer has a camo pattern that you’re confident will hide you.

3. Don’t scare your prey away

Deer and other animals have sharp senses and will be wary as soon as they detect your presence. Use scent free soap and shampoo to clean yourself before each outing, and cover your clothes with baking soda. Rubber hunting boots can be a smarter choice than canvas or leather because they do not absorb your scent.

4. Use removable solutions when it’s snowy

When the landscape is snow-covered, you – and your targets – can see non-white objects from hundreds of yards away. However, you may also need non-snow camo within the same outing. The solution is to use removable snow camo. Cover the black stock of your rifle and your call and decoy with white cloth sports tape, and drape a white bandanna with holes in it to hide your digital call. You can remove the white color when needed.

5. Avoid the urge to apply face paint symmetrically

It seems natural to apply face paint symmetrically, just like women tend to do with makeup. However, you don’t blend in as well with nature when your camo face paint is symmetric. Instead, apply your greens, browns, and grays in a more haphazard-looking way. Make sure that whatever you do on one side of your face is not mirrored in the other side.

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