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best times to fish
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When Are The Best Times To Fish?

Even with the right bait, the fish may not bite. Most seasoned anglers realize that the time of year and time of day affect the catch and plan their fishing excursions accordingly. Here is some information on the best times to fish, so the “big one” doesn’t get away.

Springtime Fishing

With the sun shining and glistening off the waters, it’s hard to hold any fishing enthusiast back from springtime fishing. However, the water is still a bit cold. It’s best to wait until the water temperature hits around 40 degrees; otherwise, the fish won’t be biting. When fishing in the spring, it’s better to fish late morning or early afternoon instead of early morning. The water starts to warm up as the sun’s rays penetrate the water. Fish get more active when the water warms up. It’s also wise to fish the downwind shoreline, since the wind pushes the warmer surface water along with surface food. This means the fish will be at a higher level in the water. For easier catches in the springtime, it’s best to fish in the afternoon and early evening. With metabolism and digestion in high gear, fish bite more during these times.

Going for the Catch during Summer

During the summertime, food is abundant, and underwater green plants give fish a good cover. As a result, scoring a catch can be a real challenge. Fishing is best from sunup to mid-morning. That old adage “The early bird catches the worm” is definitely applicable here. From late morning to early afternoon, the fish head off for deeper waters to cool off. From afternoon to early evening, the deeper water begins to cool, and the fish swim up toward the surface for warmer water. Fishing is excellent during this time period, and the chances of a catch greatly increase.

Angling in the Fall

Like the spring, fish don’t bite much from sunup to early morning due to the cold water. From late morning till noon, the fish start to bite on and off but mostly in shallow water. By mid-afternoon, the water has warmed up, and fish come to the surface. The fall is also the season when the fish are seeking to fatten up for the winter. Keep a lookout for the larger fish in bait schools.

Knowing how the seasons and time of day affect fish behavior is key to a good catch. Of course, it’s also smart to know what bait specific prefer.

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