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7 Useful Tips For Camping in the Rain 640 480 Mike Coachys

7 Useful Tips For Camping in the Rain

Rain usually makes camping trips more difficult and limits the number of opportunities for outdoor recreation. Nonetheless, it doesn’t have to ruin the experience. With the right gear and expertise, camping in the rain can be easy, safe and even fun. These tips will help:

How to Camp in the Rain

1. Use a high-quality tent with a waterproof coating. Try to pitch it on the highest available surface. Keep away from hollows, slopes and areas with soft soil. To stop the tent’s floor from getting wet or muddy, bring a groundsheet and a rubber doormat.

2. Wear clothes that dry quickly. Synthetic and nylon materials resist moisture more effectively than down or cotton. If there’s only a slight chance of rain, consider bringing one of those folding plastic ponchos that fits in a pocket.

3. Pack the right tools and accessories. One of the most important pieces of waterproof camping gear is a heavy-duty flashlight. Use lithium batteries for optimal brightness and reliability. If it isn’t too windy, carry an umbrella as well.

4. Bring highly absorbent towels and store them in sealed plastic bags or bins. They will come in handy if the tent starts leaking. Sealed containers can also protect footwear, clothing, food and matches from sudden leaks. Avoid using cheap garbage bags with thin plastic.

5. Don’t cancel the campfire. A tarpaulin can shield flames from precipitation and allow campers to cook meals, warm up or just enjoy watching the fire. For maximum safety, keep a tarp 10 feet above the flames. Always remember to bring dry kindling.

6. Plan some indoor activities. When it rains, campers usually spend much more time inside tents and shelters. Most people devote more than enough hours to smartphones and MP3 players; a nature-oriented book or playing cards will make the experience more memorable.

7. Keep a tent dry when possible. Try to take it down while it’s still under a tarp or fly. As soon as the rain stops, pitch the tent again and let it dry out. Stored tents will grow mold or mildew if they retain moisture.

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