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how to start a fire without matches

Tips On How To Start A Fire Without Matches 150 150 Mike Coachys

Tips On How To Start A Fire Without Matches

how to start a fire without matches

Learning how to start a fire without matches or a lighter is one of the most basic outdoor survival tips for campers. Fire is not only used to keep campers warm, but it is also useful for cooking food, providing light, repelling insects and boiling drinking water. Below are some useful strategies for campers who don’t know how to start a fire without a lighter or matches. Keep in mind that all of these methods require tinder, which is a material that will catch fire easily.

Flint and Steel

Carrying flint and steel is an excellent way to make sure that fire is always attainable. To start a fire with flint and steel, hold the flint and steel close to the tinder and strike the steel against the flint to create a spark. This procedure should be repeated until the tinder catches fire.

Lens/Magnifying Glass

This method requires a lens or magnifying glass that will be used to magnify the rays of the sun and create a hot spot. To use this method, hold the lens approximately 12 inches away from the tinder and angle it until the beam is focused on the smallest possible area. Hold the lens in place until the tinder smolders, then blow on the tinder gently to start the fire.

Friction (Fireboard and Plow)

When none of the above tools are available, a fire can be started using resources available in the woods. First, obtain a suitable fireboard, which is a piece of softwood that will serve as a base for the fire. Next, obtain a plow, which is a stick made of hardwood that will be used to create friction. Both the fireboard and the plow must be dry.

To start fire using this method, carve a 6-inch by 1-inch groove in the softwood, then carve a point on the end of the hardwood plow. Place the plow in the groove on the fireboard and rub back and forth until a small amount of dust is created. Angle the board and rest it against your knee, allowing the dust to collect in a pile at the bottom. Rub the plow back and forth and fast as possible until the dust smolders. Blow gently on the smoldering dust to start the fire. Transfer the fire to your tinder.

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