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packing tips for hikers

Packing Tips For Hikers 150 150 Mike Coachys

Packing Tips For Hikers

packing tips for hikers

Hiking is an exciting and enjoyable outdoor activity, but it can also be challenging. Packing appropriately will help to ensure that your trip is a success. If you’re wondering how to pack for your next hiking trip, just follow the tips below.

1. Choose an appropriate backpack.

Pack all of the items you need for your trip in a backpack that fits well, is designed for hikers and is easy for you to carry. Keep in mind that the backpack will be with you throughout the trip, so choose one that is both sturdy and comfortable.

2. Figure out what you need.

Taking the right supplies with you is essential to the success of your trip. Depending on the weather and the nature of your trip, you may need food, cooking gear designed for camping, a camera, water, map, compass, tent, sleeping bag, medicine, extra clothes, fire-starting supplies and a first aid kit.

3. Know how to pack your backpack.

One of the most important packing tips for hikers is not to pack a backpack that is too heavy. Even if it’s possible to carry a heavy backpack around for a few minutes at home, you will tire quickly if you try to carry too much on a hike. Take only those items you will need for the trip, and pack dehydrated meals if possible to save space and reduce overall weight.

If you pack everything you want to take and your backpack is still too heavy, ask yourself what you can live without and leave it behind. You can also reduce the backpack’s weight by purchasing lightweight supplies designed for hikers, such as lightweight sleeping bags or tents.

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