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Top 5 Camping Supplies That You Need To Survive 150 150 Mike Coachys

Top 5 Camping Supplies That You Need To Survive

camping supplies

Whenever you go camping, you must plan ahead for unexpected events that could be life-threatening.

What camping supplies you take with you depends on your destination. If you are heading into the mountain wilderness, you would take different supplies than if you are trekking across a swamp or desert area. However, the top 5 camping supplies that you need to survive anywhere are basically the same.

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The Guide To No Trace Camping 150 150 Mike Coachys

The Guide To No Trace Camping

No Trace Camping

Leave No Trace camping is a national program honored by many organizations committed to the preservation and enjoyment of the outdoors, including The Boy Scouts of America.

As applied to camping, there are several guidelines to follow to adhere to the principles of this important program. As an individual or family, you may believe your impact upon the environment is miniscule, but multiply your footprints by millions of other outdoor enthusiasts, and you can easily imagine why commitment to this program by everyone is needed. read more