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tips for camping in hot weather

hot weather camping
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Useful Tips For Hot Weather Camping

Camping is a fun activity in good weather, but unfortunately summer vacation plus good weather usually equals heat. Be sure to follow these hot weather camping tips to make your trip enjoyable.

Plan your activities for the weather

Schedule your day so you wake up early and complete strenuous activities, like hiking, before lunch. After lunch, there’s nothing wrong with an afternoon siesta or spending the rest of the day by the lake. When the evening starts cooling off, you can build your campfire for dinner and enjoy the evening.

Dress the part

To stay as cool as possible, wear clothing that is light in both material and color. Hats are a necessity for blocking the sun, and if you will spend a lot of time in the sun, a lightweight long sleeve shirt may help you stay cooler than short sleeves by blocking the sun.

No rationing

Rationing water and food was a good precaution during the early days when resources were scarce, but there’s no need to repeat the experience. Always make sure you have more than enough food and water to stay fully hydrated through a strenuous day. If you don’t want to carry it all, you can leave an extra supply nearby in your car to go back to if needed.

Take advantage of moving air

A strong breeze can make even the hottest of temperatures feel comfortable. Take advantage of this by seeking out places where there’s a good breeze — high ground, near water, and natural wind tunnels under tree canopies. When setting up camp, try to find a spot where the air isn’t dead still. Bringing fans along is also a good idea — both manual fans for your hikes and battery-powered fans for your campsite.

Set up your camp in the shade

Even if your tents are providing shade, the sun beating down on them will still heat them up. Set them on the east side of trees whenever possible (the sun will hit the west side of the tree). This will also give you shade for your picnics and other activities outside of your tents.

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