Tips How To Purify Water In The Outdoors

Tips How To Purify Water In The Outdoors

Tips How To Purify Water In The Outdoors 150 150 Mike Coachys


how to purify water

When hiking and/or camping, water is a necessity. Although campers can go weeks without eating anything, a person can only live a few days without drinking an adequate amount of water. However, carrying enough water for an entire trip camping trip can be difficult, especially if the trip will last three days or more. For this reason, it’s important to learn how to purify water in the outdoors. Below are several methods campers can use to purify water on a camping trip of any length.

1. Chemicals

When added to water, certain chemicals will destroy bacteria and other harmful substances that could make you sick. Suitable additives include chlorine, iodine and potassium permanganate. Keep in mind that, although this method is relatively inexpensive, water purified with chemicals may not taste as good as water that was purified using other methods.

2. Filtering

This method requires a specialized water bottle or other small piece of equipment designed to filter dirty water. These filters typically use charcoal or ceramic to remove particles. They may also purify the water by adding chemicals to kill off any bacteria or viruses that remain.

3. Boiling

Campers who don’t want to purchase or carry any extra equipment just for water purification can purify their water by boiling it. This method requires bringing the water to a rapid boil in a basin and allowing it to boil for at least ten minutes in order to kill all harmful organisms. After the water has been boiled, it must cool before the camper can drink it, which can be time consuming. For this reason, some campers decide to boil extra water at meal times and store it for later.

Of all the outdoor survival tips available, learning to purifying water is one of the most essential. However, bringing along sturdy, reliable shelter is also important.

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