Top 5 Camping Supplies That You Need To Survive

Top 5 Camping Supplies That You Need To Survive

Top 5 Camping Supplies That You Need To Survive 150 150 Mike Coachys

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Whenever you go camping, you must plan ahead for unexpected events that could be life-threatening.

What camping supplies you take with you depends on your destination. If you are heading into the mountain wilderness, you would take different supplies than if you are trekking across a swamp or desert area. However, the top 5 camping supplies that you need to survive anywhere are basically the same.

Recommended camping supplies for survival

Shelter, water and warmth top everyone’s list of basic needs for survival. There are different ways to get each of these essential camping supplies. By planning ahead, you are prepared. If you are caught in an unexpected survival emergency, you may need to improvise and create your own survival supplies.

Other items that top survival lists are a knife, hatchet or ax and fire-starting supplies. These have many purposes, but the primary one is to help you obtain wood or other natural products to use in fire-building. Also, you can use these to help build a shelter from branches and other items you find in the remote area. You need matches or a flint to start a warming fire, unless you are very good with two sticks rubbed together.

The military must-have-for-survival list always contains some form of a first aid kit, a compass, signal mirror and emergency water or water treatment kit. Staying warm in all environments is essential for survival. A campfire, blanket and your shelter are keys for keeping your body temperature stable.

Communication is another essential for camping survival. Create smoke from your campfire; use the signal mirror to reflect sunlight as an indication of your existence. Flares are another signal source good for day or nighttime use. Modern campers with cell phones should take along a solar-powered charger.

Top 5 camping survival supplies

From the above recommendations, the following are the Top 5 Camping Survival Supplies everyone should take along every trip.

  1. Fire starting supplies – knife, hatchet or ax, a candle and waterproof matches or a flint
  2. Shelter supplies – blanket, waterproof poncho or tarp and a knife to cut branches
  3. Water supplies – water treatment kit or packaged water
  4. Communication supplies – signal mirror, flares, solar charger for cell phone or batteries
  5. Navigation supplies – compass, GPS

Miscellaneous Items

The next most important to consider would be to pack along a good survival guide and a first aid kit. These two items will provide you with knowledge you may lack and supplies to treat minor wounds in the field.

Always let someone else know your plans and timetable for your expedition when you head for wilderness camping. This will help if you do need to call in outside search teams to find you, or if you become injured and need an airlift or other exit assistance. If you have a GPS with you, you can tell others your exact location, which could be a life-saver with regard to time. Use two maps, one to leave with your home contact and the other to take with you. A topographical map is useful, because it points out important landmarks, elevations, etc.

The main pleasure in camping is discovering new places, enjoying the great outdoors and having fun. As long as you follow the Boy Scout Motto – Be Prepared – you can explore in safety and achieve your adventure goals to the maximum.

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